Kolapo Oni
I’m a Designer & Developer based in Lagos, Nigeria, with a passion for interactive design & aesthetics. I love music, and I take great shots on VSCO with my iPhone (mostly) & Canon camera. I also curate niceties (majorly illustrations & interior design images) on Pinterest. Currently, I work on the design team at Flutterwave, and I'm also a member of Awwwards Young Jury.
Selected Work
01. Flutterwave

At Flutterwave, I am on the Web Experience team, working on flutterwave.com, send.flutterwave.com, and the entire web presence of the company. I also led design and development of the Flutterwave Careers microsite, the Flutterwave Blog, and the Flutterwave Design website. I built the new Flutterwave payment link as well, which is used by thousands of people to receive payments across the globe.

02. Spotify Now Playing

A wee project that shows the song I'm currently listening to on Spotify. I built this site with Darasimi.

03. Happy Feet Book

The website for a book about two brothers navigating their passions and life’s challenges.

04. Danfo Radio

An online radio and web gallery. A collaboration between myself and Yinka Bernie.

05. Paystack

I contracted for a short while with Paystack, where I worked with the design team on the design & development of Paystack commerce landing page & Paystack Music.

06. Blue Bird AR

A marker-based Augmented Reality experiment where a little blue bird flies around popping balloons. I built this with C# using Unity & Vuforia.

07. 2019 Year in Review

My Year in Review for 2019.

08. Beautiful Experiences

A curation of awesome web and interactive experiences.

09. Pong

A 2D WebGL pong game.

10. Fading

A minimalist 2D game where you traverse the mind of a troubled man.

I live for the aesthetics 🤘🏾