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Kolapo Oni
I'm a Creative Developer based in Lagos, Nigeria.
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Hi, I'm Kolapo Oni.
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I'm a 22 year old Creative Developer and Photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria.🤘🏾
I mostly design interactive experiences with Unity (Games, Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences). I solely designed a minimalist 2D game titled Fading. ✌🏾
I have a good handle on Frontend Development using HTML, CSS and Javascript with a keen interest in WebGL sites and UI animations. Here's a lit WebGL site I recently designed beautifulexperiences.xyz. I can also develop natively for Android using Java and the Android SDK.
I used to do some literary writing (poetry I think) and I'm enthusiastic about a few things like games (love Monument Valley and Prune), design, creative coding, music and photography. I also take nice shots on VSCO. 👌🏾
If you have an interesting project, an idea or just want to make contact, shoot an email to onikolapo@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you.
Fading is a minimalist 2D game where you traverse the troubled mind of a man. It's a game I solely designed using Unity. ✌🏾
Beautiful Experiences
It's a curation of beautiful, interactive experiences crafted by creative developers and designers. I designed and developed this WebGL site using Pixi.js.
Blue Bird Ar
Blue Bird AR is a marker based augmented reality experiment where a little blue bird flies around popping balloons. I designed this experience with Unity and Vuforia.
Pong is a wee webgl game I developed with Unity to recreate the old pong arcade experience, but with better design.
Interc Network
It's a native android app I developed for InterC Network while working at Maliyo as a software developer in 2016. It enables InterC Network users pay for data and monitor data usage directly from the mobile app.
Dancing man AR
It is an augmented reality experiment I developed with Unity and ARKit.
Left or right
It's a simple android game based on swipe gestures. It was a fun project I developed in a day with Unity.